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Get Heard: A Media Strategy Workshop for Nonprofits

What’s the secret to getting news coverage? Hint: it’s not having a famous board member, although that can’t hurt. The secret to earning coverage is to think like a journalist. Reporters need fresh stories, which means they need protagonists, narratives, endings, and images. Editors need reactions to stories for balance, which means they need expert analysis and informed opinion. Simply put, journalists need content – not a press release announcing yet another nonprofit gala.

Between downsizing at news outlets and the expectation that reporters post to social media, journalists are busier than ever — which means it’s tougher than ever to get heard. You can get your organization into the news by following the headlines and by building relationships with journalists and helping them do their job.

In “Get Heard: A Media Strategy Workshop for Nonprofits,” you will gain insights into how the news cycle works and learn steps you can take to be part of it. With the help of real-world examples, you will see how other nonprofit organizations have attracted attention to their cause. During a question-driven session we will generate ideas for different types of content that you can create, such as:

  • Unique “character profiles”
  • Original data or research
  • Statements in response to the news
  • Photographs, illustrations and video
  • Noteworthy public events
  • Opinion pieces
  • Informative blog posts and Twitter feeds

After the 3-hour workshop you will be thinking like a journalist, which will allow you to focus your limited PR resources on pitching the stories that are most likely to get heard!

To schedule a workshop at your location, please call 646-784-5547. Pricing begins at $750 for small groups, plus travel expenses.

“Sharene is dynamic in a room full of people. We sent her team at Fenton around the world to help our experts prepare their messages on challenging global issues. Her media training is excellent because she focuses on substance as much as technique.”
-Daanish Masood
Media and Partnerships Manager
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations