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Get to the Point: A Messaging Workshop for NonProfits

What does your organization do and why does it matter? You know the answers to these questions, but if you’re like most nonprofit professionals, your responses tend to be lengthy and sprinkled with insider language. Once words like “capacity-building,” “empowerment,” and “stakeholder” have become part of your regular vocabulary, you can bet that many people – including many reporters – are left wondering what your organization is really all about.

With so many causes and ideas competing for attention in today’s media-saturated culture, it has never been more important to get to the point. Organizations with clear and compelling messages attract more funds, members and press coverage than their peers. It’s not about spin: it’s about showcasing the importance and impact of your work in a way that gets people to care.

In “Get to the Point: A Messaging Workshop for Nonprofits,” you will receive critical feedback on the language you currently use. During a lively, interactive session, we will kick-start a process to refresh the key elements of your message platform, to include:

  • About Us statement for placement on your Web site and in written materials
  • Colloquial Elevator Pitch to use in conversation
  • Top three Key Messages that describe the need your organization addresses and how you are making a difference

At the end of the 3-hour workshop you will be ready to regroup with your team to build consensus around the changes that may need to be made to your messaging and, ultimately, your communications materials. Your goal is to be ready so that the next time a prospective donor or a reporter asks you what your organization does, you will quickly and confidently get to the point!

To schedule a workshop at your location, please call 646-784-5547. Pricing begins at $750 for small groups, plus travel expenses.

“Sharene is dynamic in a room full of people. We sent her team at Fenton around the world to help our experts prepare their messages on challenging global issues. Her media training is excellent because she focuses on substance as much as technique.”
-Daanish Masood
Media and Partnerships Manager
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations