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Positioning, Messaging, & Designing an Identity

Branding is about much more than updating your logo. A strong brand tells people what you stand for and what differentiates you from peers or competitors – all of which is key to attracting donors, members, students and the support of influentials.

Mission believes that the core of any branding process is positioning: identifying who is your most important audience and articulating how you would like them to perceive your organization. Based on this positioning, we first develop a set of key messages for use in all of your communications. Our goal is to make sure that the way you talk about what you do both inspires your target audience and also matches who you truly are.  Sometimes a tagline or even a name change is in order; sometimes not.

Then our designers get to work, drafting initial concepts for a logo and delving deeper into the concept that resonates most with your team. Ultimately we will produce an identity system that includes digital logo files, a color palette, typeface, message platform, and guidelines for implementing the new identity across media.

Kick-start the Branding Process with a Messaging Workshop

“Positioning a public-interest institution is different from positioning a company or product. Sharene really understands that difference. She helped Rutgers School of Social Work build consensus on what makes our brand distinct—and how to convey that distinction.”
-Richard L. Edwards
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Rutgers University