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Developing & Executing Media Strategy

While the social media revolution has enabled organizations to create and distribute their own content, this opportunity has not replaced the importance of coverage by established media outlets. Whether it be a top-tier publication like The New York Times, a 24/7 news source like, programs on National Public Radio, or the local newspaper of record, leaders in all sectors still get most of their general news from traditional sources. The difference today is that professionals also pick up information from high-profile bloggers, mentions on popular Twitter feeds, and links in niche e-newsletters.

Since the key to success is addressing a journalist’s need for fresh, timely information, Mission starts by evaluating your assets – upcoming events, publications, noted speakers, success stories, new initiatives, etc. – and then look for ways to tie your information into the news cycle. We identify target outlets for your story that may include national newspapers and magazines, regional newspapers, network television programs, public radio shows, local broadcast stations, Web sites, trade journals, blogs, and even celebrity Twitter feeds.

Our PR execution includes: writing and distributing press releases; pitching reporters, editors, producers and bloggers; drafting opinion pieces; managing photographers; and overseeing events.

Brainstorm story ideas with a Media Strategy Workshop.

“Sharene has terrific PR insights. She found ways to link our work with events in the news cycle, resulting in a compelling pitch that got results with top national media as well as niche outlets.”
-Dick Goldberg
National Director
Coming of Age