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Media Coaching for Leaders

The phone rings: it’s a newspaper reporter asking for your organization’s commentary on breaking news. Are you prepared to be quoted? If a television producer needs a talking head tomorrow morning, are you camera-ready?  What if the issue has become contentious: do you know how to hold your own with an antagonistic interviewer?

In the fast-moving news cycle, organizational leaders need to be able to convey their messages quickly and convincingly across a range of media formats. Taking your organization’s top three messages as a starting point, Mission will help you turn them into compelling talking points for use with the media and we will work on techniques for getting those points across during interviews. We can also show you how to incorporate your key messages into op-ed essays and letters-to-the-editor.

Our one-on-coaching is tailored to your level of experience and may include:

  • Preparing for the interview by understanding how to work with reporters, and what they want
  • Knowing the unique limitations of print, radio, television and email interviews
  • Being comfortable in your appearance, vocal intonation, and body language
  • “Framing” your issue with effective language
  • “Flagging” what you say to make a point
  • “Bridging” from the question to the response you want to make
  • Responding to negative questioning
  • Developing and placing written opinion pieces

All training sessions include role-play during which a Mission trainer poses as the interviewer and you practice responding. We recommend on-camera practice with immediate feedback for anyone considering appearing on television.

“Sharene was a tremendous resource as she helped us center in on the core of our message and communicate more powerfully and succinctly. Her work resulted in an opinion piece that ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer and a feature piece in a national journal. I continue to apply her advice in my interaction with the media.”
-Rev. Susan Teegen-Case
Executive Director